6 Types of Accessories Plus Documents You Must Always Have In Your Car

Car accessories


As a car owner and driver, there are some things that are necessities regardless of how far you intend to drive or how smooth the roads may be. In as much as no one bargains for unfortunate situations, it is still highly recommended that you make a contingency plan for eventualities such as a mechanical fault, accidents, emergency repairs, personal safety, and documents, just in case you run into law enforcement and they require them as some of these car essentials are stipulated by law if you must move your vehicle.

Below are 7 of the most essential accessories that you should not set out in your car without having in place to keep your car running and help you deal with unforeseen circumstances while on the road.

  1. Usable spare tire

Having a spare tire that is in good condition could be an absolute lifesaver in the case of an unexpected fatal tire burst or tear. This is in some places a legal requirement especially on highways; thus, some people would just carry any tire as a spare in order not to get in trouble with law enforcement. In my candid opinion, it is best to always go with a tire that is fit for the road for your own good.

  1. Emergency repair equipment

These are equipment you must use if you get caught up in an emergency situation; a punctured or dead battery for instance, that impedes you from any further movement unless of course, you make an emergency repair. Some of the equipment includes; sealant, tire pump, tire jack, tire iron, lug wrench, WD-40, duct tape, tire pressure gauge, and jumper cables

  1. Precautionary accessories

These are things that come in handy as caution tools whenever you have to park your car by a busy road or you experience a mechanical fault or accident that does not give you the liberty to pull over to a safe spot before carrying out emergency repairs. They include; reflective triangle or flare is used to notify and warn other drivers that you have a problem at hand. A fire extinguisher is also necessary precautionary equipment you must always have in your car.

  1. Personal safety accessories

Personal safety is one thing you should have at the top of your priority list. Accidents don’t sound the alarm before occurring and when they do, you may not have the luxury of seeking medical attention instantly. You should, therefore, make provision for and maintain a well-equipped first aid kit with all the necessary items required for first aid treatment. Items such as; disposable sterile gloves, disinfectant wipes, tweezers, safety pins, scissors, methylated spirit, hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, antiseptic spray and cream, bandages, plasters, gauze dressing, analgesics, and antihistamines are highly recommended.

  1. Car-adapted phone charger

Having a low battery while stranded in a place you are not very familiar with could be very frustrating. Always ensure you have your car charger permanently kept in the car and replace it as soon as it is damaged.

  1. Vacuum water bottle

Dehydration is something you wouldn’t want to deal with while on the wheels. And it feels worse when you can’t find a place to get water when you need it. So always ensure you fill up a vacuum bottle with water at your preferred temperature and it will be maintained all through your drive time or at least until it finishes.

  1. Car documents file

It is very necessary that you keep copies of your car documents within reach; advisably in your glove compartment for when they are required. Some of these documents include; your Car Owner’s Manual which provides important information and useful guide unique to the car, Car License, Insurance claims forms, and car registration documents, Car Repair or Maintenance Information as well as emergency contact information just in case you are indisposed to provide it when needed.

To have a smooth and safe drive the above tips should be considered when setting out for your daily routine or on a long journey. When sourcing for the right and affordable car equipment to be bought you are well assured you can trust us with your purchase in our store securely and conveniently.

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