Best Ways To Use Car Storage Boxes

Car Storage Boxes

We will like to call your attention to the many car organizers and storage boxes provided by different qualified manufacturers that will fit your needs, which you probably haven’t been utilizing efficiently.

Some of the readily provided car organizers include; visor, car storage box trunk, car storage nets, dashboard storage box, pigeon-hole compartment, car seat back organizer, car seat pocket organizers, portable tool organizers, armrest multi-purpose organizer, dashboard organizer pouch, car clipping hanger or hook, tray holders, cup holders, and car doors pockets.

Even with all these in place, it often feels like the space is not enough sometimes because you don’t put the right things in the right place or you pile up too much in the wrong places.

Let’s cut the chase and get to the destination already. One more halt before we rev the engines, I will like to categorize the car storage organizers in this article into two; the fixture type and the non-fixture type.

Here are the 6 best ways to use your car storage boxes: the first five are in the fixture category while the 6th is non-fixture.

The visor:

When not serving its purpose as a sun shield, the visor can be converted into a very useful organizer for frequently needed to keep items such as your sunglasses, parking tickets, receipts ID cards, home keys, garage or gate remote controller, credit/debit cards pouch and other small items you might need within arm’s reach while on the wheels. Just ensure whatever you place on the visor is not too bulky to fall off or better yet, use rubber (elastic) bands to hold items firm on the visor.

 The pigeon hole and dashboard storage organizer:

These two receptacles come in handy for frequently needed items. The pigeon-hole is conventionally used by most car owners to hold documents such as a pad of paper with a pen, car insurance papers, photocopies of driver’s license, car permits, proof of registration, owner’s manual, receipts, and records for repairs basic maintenance, and other documents that are frequently requested for by the authorities. You can however use your pigeon hole as an organizer box for the emergency make-up kit, hairbrush or comb, first aid kit, car leather spray, a packet of wet wipes, and tissue.

Car seat back organizer and storage nets:

Both serve similar purposes; holding lightweight items, especially for riders. You can equally use them to store documents in a folder you probably do not need while driving. Flat metallic items can also go in here. The storage nets and seat organizer can also be used to hold your necessary items like umbrellas, flat slippers, and car chargers especially when not in use so the cables don’t liter around and cause an accident. You can also slip in a small cloth or napkin for dusting the dashboard.

Car hanging clips and hooks:

There are varieties of customized hooks that can be placed anywhere on the back seat asides from the default hangers by the door side. You can use these to neatly organize your clothing; jackets, suites, scarves to keep them from rumpling. It is very important that you keep the chairs free just in case you get some company as you drive along. Some car hooks can however be moved around.

Tray holders, cup holders, and door pockets or pouch:

These are especially useful in organizing smaller items that can swing out of place while you steer the wheels. You can use the Cup holder to keep charger cords, earphones, your telephone, lip balm, hand sanitizers, nose mask, moisturizers, sunscreen, snack packs, and water bottles. Any of these can also hold toys for the kids just in case you have them on the trip.

 Car storage box trunk:

Removable car seat back organizer or car seat pocket organizers and armrest multi-purpose organizer, portable tool organizers, luxury style trunk organizer box, multifunctional foldable car organizer, elastic car trunk organizer net clip-on car door organizers, and  car vent phone holder;

It is awfully wrong for your phone to be kept where it will move around on the dashboard. As a matter of fact, many accidents have been reportedly caused by drivers trying to save their phones from falling or finding them after they had fallen under the seat. The best way to keep your mobile phone while driving is to hold it firmly to the car vent. That way, you are able to see who is calling without many distractions should the phone ring.

Items you use once in a while for your workout training e.g. clothing, extra pairs of shoes, or comfy slides, should be properly organized at the back seat trunk organizer protected, and easily accessible from inside your car. You should not make yourself step out each time you want to grab an item in your vehicle.

If you have kids riding with you often, you should also make provision for a sealable plastic bag or mini car storage box clipped at the back seat that serves as a refuse bin and another to hold their soiled clothing until you are home to avoid having a messed up interior.

Some of these items especially those in number six may seem like a lot of resources to spend but trust me, you will be glad when you open your car and find everything tidy and organized.

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