We have several delivery agencies we work with for fast and convenient delivery; however, you need to choose according to your preference from our list of agents available.

Shipping duration varies by location and we ship to over 200 countries. Max’s delivery duration takes between 20-45 business days and an additional 2 days for processing.

After ordering from our site a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you supply on the order page with your status of orders, tracking id, and receipt.

Yes, you will receive an invoice of order at the email the address you provided.


All payment of products will be deducted from the Payment Information you provided on the order page.

Wishlist is a feature that allows the creation of desired products saved by you, in your user’s account.

Once you find an item is damaged or wrong product endeavor to contact us immediately through our  providing us with evidence of product.

Once orders are been process by us you cannot cancel.

These are series of a number you receive once you order from us to monitor your item from the point of shipment to your location.