How to avoid a dead car battery during the cold season


It might be really frustrating jumping into the driver’s seat one morning, trying to start your engine and you notice your engine fails to start.

Cold weather can cause trouble with the car battery which many people do not know why, but getting the facts can help people to avoid having to deal with bad batteries in cold weather.

Cold weather makes batteries go bad because they slow the chemical reaction inside the battery. Batteries can work under a lot of conditions, the cold weather tends to degrade high-quality batteries and may render good batteries useless.

There are a lot of ways to protect a battery from going bad in the cold season and some of them need
early precaution measures even before the arrival of cold weather.

Below comprises six tips to avoid a dead battery

How to disconnect battery terminals






1. Disconnect the battery terminals – This is one of the most effective ways to make your battery good and work efficiently during the cold weather by disconnecting the battery. Certain devices such as clocks and alarm systems will continue to drain battery power when the car is off. if your car
will not be driven enough to recharge the battery during the cold weather, make sure you discount the battery terminal when not been used.


Car blanket for keep battery warm and safe






2. Install a battery blanket – Most of us might not be used to this approach, a car battery blanket
is a device used to wrap around the battery and fit inside of the battery cover. A cord with a plug goes from the blanket to a power outlet, the blanket can produce enough heat to keep the fluid inside the battery from freezing.

3. Reduce the use of car accessories – Make sure the ac, radio, heater, and other accessories are off before you start the car. They can use up the power coming from the car alternator and prevent the battery from charging. Do not leave car accessories on while the car is idling otherwise, the car will not be putting out enough power from the alternator to charge the battery and power the electrical system.






4. Check that there is no corrosion – Corrosion can cause a car from starting just as much as a bad battery and is caused by a faulty connection that allows battery acid to escape and corrode the surrounding area, check-up battery heads regularly to avoid issues that may cause corrosion.

5. Check the duration of the battery – If your battery is old you need to charge it before the cold season, battery differs in how long they last but many last around one to three years depending on the battery brand and sheer life. if your car is running on its original battery it may be a good idea to replace it before the cold season kick in and it important to buy the car specification to avoid electrical damage of some parts, car battery specification can be found in your car manual.

6. Getting a Jumper cable handing – There is no doubt how important jumper cable are because they serve as saving tool in a strange environment when our battery run down and it also helps to put us back on the road. there are various types and Amp of this jumper cable ranging from 400amp to 1200amp but the best type of jumper is the one shown here which can be used without the help of another car because is a rechargeable jumper cable. with these little tips, you can be served during the Cold season. Getting your car original accessories and electrical gadgets for your car shouldn’t be a headache when you get all your car accessories from Swifttrackautos.


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